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Sungjin - 26482 Series 1 Commercial Connectors

Sungjin - 26482 Series 1 Connectors


26482 Series 1- Commercial circular connectors are harsh environment resistant with high density contact arrangements utilizing quick bayonet coupling . These connectors are used in moisture resistant applications with an operating temperature range of -55-to-125 degree Celsius (-67-to-257 degree F). MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 are compact, robust, rugged commercial connectors.


  Solder contacts
  Wide variety of shell styles and sizes, contact sizes and arrangements, and backshell and plating options
  Solder cups are all oriented in the same direction to make soldering of your cable easier
  Intermateable, intermountable and compatible with MIL-C-26482 Series 1 Connectors
  Quick Bayonet Coupling

Industries and Applications Served

  Military Defense
  Communication and Control
  Traffic Control
  Industrial Machinery

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