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DDK - E/F/R Series Connectors


DDK's DMS series provides a set of moisture-resistant and oil-resistant connectors. This series uses synthetic rubber for their inserts to cope with the various environments in which industrial machines are installed. The products in this DMS series are compatible and comply with MIL-DTL-5015 ( MIL-C-5015). The F and R types prevent the entry of water moisture, cutting oil and other foreign substances into machines where those connectors are employed, helping enhance the reliability of the equipment.


  Available in OD chromate finish and RoHS compliant black chromate finish
  Grommet for moisture-proof
  Synthetic rubber inserts
  Grommet and cable clamp combination for extra strength to hold cable
  Solder and crimp termination contacts

Industries and Applications Served

  Industrial Equipment
  Factory Automation and Machinery
  Harsh Enviornment Conditions
  Machine Tooling

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